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Evolution X MR and Ralliart (SST Trans)

Kozmic Transmissions is the WORLD LEADER with Evolution 10 and Ralliart Transmission Performance and Knowledge. Since their release in 2008 Kozmic has been at the leading front of development and testing with the DCT470 SST powered platform. With well over a DECADE of experience in these platforms, you can rest assured we have the experience to back our sales and recommendations. Below you will find a few of the Kozmic accomplishments to back our work.

Kozmic Supported Services:

  • Complete Transmission Overhaul with OEM or Aftermarket Parts.

  • Specialty Maintenance Services: Aftermarket Clutch Upgrades and Installations

  • Comprehensive parts catalog for the DIY enthusiast. 

  • High Performance? Well of course! 

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Records Held with Kozmic Transmission Builds:

  • Quickest Stock ECU - 9.54 Second 1/4

  • Fastest Stock ECU - 160 MPH

  • Quickest and Fastest EvoX Stock Location Turbo

  • Quickest and Fastest EvoX Stock Turbo

  • Quickest and Fastest Ralliart Stock Turbo

  • Quickest and Fastest SST Transmission 9.54 @160MPH


  • OEM Transmission Parts Sales

  • Aftermarket Transmission Parts Sales

  • Performance Transmission Parts Sales

  • Clutch Upgrades and Installations

  • Complete Transmission Rebuild Services

  • Transmission Overhaul Services

  • Complex Diagnostics

  • Build Consultation

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